NWAPS follows the American curriculum based on Common Core State Standards. The curriculum is based on high standards of achievement in all subject areas. This broad and balanced approach is supported by a range of co-curricular activities which equip all students with the skills they need for the 21st century. The school starts with entry to Kindergarten at age 4. Students can study through to Grade 12, where they are awarded the American High School Diploma at age 17. The American Diploma is accepted for entrance by all US universities and colleges and is  recognized by universities around the world.

The standards clearly communicate what is expected of students at each grade level. This will allow our teachers to be better equipped to know exactly what they need to help students learn and establish individualized benchmarks for them. The Common Core State Standards focus on core conceptual understandings and procedures starting in the early grades, thus enabling teachers to take the time needed to teach core concepts and procedures well and to give students the opportunity to master them.
With students, parents, and teachers all on the same page and working together for shared goals, we can ensure that students make progress each year and graduate from school prepared to succeed in college and in the modern workforce.